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I am a photographer and visual communication specialist.

I take a lot of photos.

I take photos everywhere I go.

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I began to explore photography at an early age. Prior to the digital era your choices were to send your photos off to be developed or to have your own darkroom. I used both methods. For color I sent my shots to be developed by a photo lab. During the high school years I began shooting with a 35mm camera and developing my own photos at a friends house. His dad had a darkroom and he encouraged us to use it. Due to the expense of chemicals I shot only in Black & White anything I wanted to develop In the darkroom. Once the digital age came along, I embraced fully the ability to use a desktop computer to develop the photos I shot. Plus; I was now able to shoot as many as I could possibly want.


The digital age also brought the need to learn about the capabilities of the desktop computer. Initially when I decided to go to college, I began a path in computer science. This led to a community college certificate in Computer Science, but I could see that for me a more creative path needed to be followed. After some hit and miss attempts to find a program that offered the technology and creative education that I sought, I ended up earning a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication. This was ideal for me for it offered the creative core work with the technical skills to put it all together. And as an added bonus; formal photography education was included.


As a professional I am compelled to stay current with digital technology. I invest in the latest tech hardware (such as; cameras, lighting), and the latest software. I am a Photoshop professional. I have been using Photoshop for over a decade and I tutor college students in its use. I also use specialised software to merge photos into panoramas, for video editing, and to create motion graphics. I also use the latest flight technology when flying drones for aerial photography and video.

Web Based Output

The internet is a huge part of what I do. From uploading client files to building complete websites. I offer added value to the client that has or wants a strong web presence. I can make an eBay template to showcase your products, or a custom slide show to present your photos. I can optimise finished video for YouTube output, or any of the video hosting platforms. If you are interested in a beautifully designed, fully functional website, please use the button below to visit my website design site. If you want printed ouput I can provide that, as well; in many different formats.

Visit The Creative License

How I work.

1Once I have been contacted for a project I will consult with the client to determine their needs. I will then put together a proposal that will outline the project and itemize the cost for the finished deliverables. I will determine the most cost efficient way to create the highest quality finished project.

2Once the proposal has been approved and a reasonable deposit paid, I will schedule the shoot. In most cases I survey the location on the day I shoot, but in some cases I will make a preliminary inspection. This may be necessary to know what equipment I must bring to accurately capture the raw footage to be used in the final deliverable.

3The final step is to edit and output the final deliverable. This may be still images, aerial video, video, or any combination of all. Upon final payment of invoice I will deliver in agreed upon method: web based, disc, print, or a combination of available formats.